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Im as optimistic as they come! I always try to think positive even if its the weirdest yet awful situation one can be in. A person that i really love and care for told me that i was "damn near perfect" [if he decides to read this, he knows who he is]. Well honestly i am not perfect. i just try to be the best person that i can be & try to please everyone that i love and care for... yet this one person said to me once that i am perfect the way i am and to never change for anybody... Anyways im a very simple girl i dont ask for much... easy to get along with... i love to laugh =] I was born by omy that's all u need 2 know. april 15 was my 1st breath... so that make me an aries. i was born in puerto rico, raised in pr, ny, && fL... currently livin in wack assz florida. I have no kids... i dont drink or smoke... my eyez are light brown i have light brown hair i love the heat (MARIO CHALMERS #15), yankees and the cowboys i am right handed. i love tattoos, they turn me on lmfao =x. i have a shit load of stars tatted and more to come... i like piercings too... i love my iPhone 4! some consider me a geek/nerd but its all good. i pop up with random thoughts all the time. i dislike cockyness. i so totally dislike the word "SWAGG" its played out. my favorite colors are pink, black, blue, white, and red i love reading. i love the joker, jack && sally & mickey mouse. I like emoish stuff lol, go ahead call me weird u ass... i dislike thirsty ass niggaz ugh! my weakness loosing the one u love. my most missed memory is my grandfather. i love god. i believe in KARMA... what goes around comes around...so dont do the ones u love wrong... cause KARMA is a Motha Fkn Bish and will do ur ass twice as wrong... i love anythin wit chocolote i love trey songz, the weeknd, nikki minaj, day26, chris brown, drake, lil wayne and other too many too mention! oh yea sharad is the best!!! banx! [mic semi] my lil big bro from an0ther mother! weezy = my elmo[iHeartHim] i love music. majoring in crime scene investigations!!! I love my current job. i dislike fakes, liars, wannabes ugh! i believe in myseLf i am who i am...